Leslie Vernick
Are You Making This #1 Deadly Mistake?

Have you ever lost a good night’s sleep because you bombed a session? You said the wrong thing? You didn’t know what to do or didn’t do enough? Do you wish you had a safe place, perhaps a friend or colleague’s office, where you could drop by for a few minutes to get some advice, encouragement, or prayer?


We know you care about your work with hurting people that’s why you are are here. Being competent is important to you. Gaining new ideas and learning new skills are all crucial to your growth. But not having appropriate mentorship and support can be lethal. Working with difficult clients and tough situations is not for the faint of heart. 


And, there are those moments when you won’t feel confidant putting your knowledge and skills into practice. Especially when you encounter tricky and complex individuals.  


Perhaps you’ve longed to have a mentor, another counselor who was an expert in your field. A person you respected, who you could e-mail or talk to about a case you were struggling with. Someone you felt free to connect with when you felt confused, or scared and needed to ask a few questions about what to do next. 


We get it! Chris and I have been there. And, we are committed to being those mentors for you. 


We want to help you gain greater competence and confidence working with destructive individuals and marriage situations.  We also know how important it is to be a part of a vibrant community of like-minded people who know how tough it can be to listen, love, and help others well day in and day out.


So, if you’re sick of struggling alone……. we invite you to join EQUIP


EQUIP is an on-line support community of Christ-centered people helpers who desire to:


√ Receive monthly mentoring and case consultation with experts in their field

√ Sharpen their skill set and professional expertise

√ Be connected with others who share common goals for sharpening and support


EQUIP is an opportunity for you to connect regularly with us (Chris and Leslie) through video lessons, a private Facebook support group, and by telephone each month so that you gain clarity on your cases, competence in your skill set, and confidence in your approach.


Plus, you will be a part of a robust on-line private community who will support and encourage you in your professional life.  


Leslie Vernick is committed to ensuring the highest level of confidentiality for any and all information shared by individuals within her support groups. However, please be advised that in certain situations involving litigation, disclosure of certain information shared in support groups may be required by the court. While Leslie will protect this group to the furthest extent permitted by law, rules of confidentiality and disclosure vary from state to state. For further information, contact a local attorney in your county and state 

Members of EQUIP enjoy these benefits every month:

Monthly Videos:

Each month, Leslie and Chris will provide you with two short teaching videos (30 minutes or less) posted on EQUIP membership site on a specific training topic along with a detailed handout.  This will enable you to learn something new and immediately take steps put into practice what you have learned.

Monthly Q & A Sessions:

Each month we will host a 90 minute group telephone call on a private conference line where you will be able to discuss cases, ask questions, share your challenges, and learn how to apply your new tools in your practice.


Each phone call will be recorded so you can listen to it as many times as you want.  If you have to miss a phone session or come late or have to leave early the recording will keep you in the loop.

Secret Facebook Group

There will be a private Facebook group forum where you can share, ask questions, and get daily support.  Chris and Leslie will check in and participate in this forum and one of us will be on there each day.



You might think this group will be expensive, but Chris and I are committed to help as many people as possible grow into competent people helpers, especially working with this population. 


The introductory price to join EQUIP is very affordable - only $57.00 per month.


This is a charter membership. The price may change in future offerings. However, for as long as you maintain your monthly membership your price remains $57.00 per month. 


You can also pay for 12 months today, and we will give you two (2) months free, a savings of $114. 00.